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There are several motels in the greater Monroe area.  They do like to stick it contractors wheb Fermi does an outage.  Bartlett tries to work out a package with one of the larger ones that has a bar, food and other restaraunts nearby.  Contact me here and I may be able to get you additional information.

There is a Days Inn and a few other motels offering weekly rates.  

Roger & Patti, fellow Nuclear Contractors, have a furnished one bedroom apartment (separate from main house) available in Toledo, Ohio. Easy travel to Davis Besse or Fermi. pateck@aol.com 419.474.4375  

There are Two Or Three Motels In Newport Mi. That You Can Stay At. One Of The Motels Is Cross-country Motel There Is A Golf Course Right Across From It.

And There are Campgrounds Around There About 10 Min From Fermi, Camp Lord Willing in Monroe--1600 Stumpmier Rd, (313)242-3116.

BEWARE the Hometown Inn on Dixie, the manager raises the rates when he knows you are working Fermi. Charged us 46.00/night even though he has a weekly rate. Did not give us the rates he offered over the phone. Plenty of other places within short distance that are reasonable.

Camella Black:
Be sure to check with the site coord. and house techs about housing. Henry and I stayed their in 2003, had a 2 bedroom house, furnished, all utilities except phone furnished for $200 week on Detroit Beach which is 5 miles from plant on the Dixie Highway.

Camella Black:
My favorite place near Monroe, is the Cabela's store. I can still see the look in my husband's eyes as we pulled in the parking lot.

If you need it for hunting, fishing, boating or camping, they have it.

We also enjoyed the MGM Casino in Detroit, crossing over to Windsor, Canada to the casino there also.


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