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If anyone has lodging information for this facility, please post it here.

Well here's the best place to stay near LaSalle, inexpensive, clean and close to work.
It's called Prairie Lakes Hunt Club, it has a small hotel, a good 9 hole golf coarse ($ 5 for nine holes) and a nice restaurant.
It's out in the country, but it's only a ten minute drive to both Morris and Ottawa.
I was paying $120 a week (about three years ago). It took only about fifteen minutes to for me to drive to work,(except in the Winter).  
The Phone number is 815-795-5107, if I were to work at LaSalle again, I'd stay there again.

--- Quote ---Thanks!
I just reserved a room there for the Dresden/LaSalle outages.  The rate was $175/week.  Not bad!  They said that there were fridges and two double beds in the rooms but no phone.
I guess I'll have to find another place to connect the computer so I don't miss my daily fix of NukeWorker.com.
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Dave Warren:
Check in the Morris Herald newspaper first. There are always decent prices in Morris and it isnt that long of a drive. Ravine Woods is one apartment complex I stayed in back in the day. Drive around behind the Wal-Mart in Morris and you will see some apartments back there. Coal City, Ottawa, Seneca, and Braidwood have cheap places also.

Your #1 best bet is to go online and look for the classifieds in the cities I have mentioned. You can contact Denise Leasure with Bartlett. I am sure D can help you if she knows anything available. If you talk to her, tell her to send me an email.

Hope I helped ya. Enjoy the weather at Lasalle. :(
I grew up in Illinois and now you know why I am in Tennessee.

Couple cheap places I founds were Surrey Motel and Sands Motel in Ottawa.  Anybody know of they are rattraps????

It's been a couple of years, but I remember that there is a Wal-Mart in Morris as well as a couple of good grocery stores. A lot of nice little shops on the main street in town and there is a pretty good shopping mall in Joliet, about 30 minutes away.

There is (was, at least) a Chili's restaurant right next to the Comfort Inn where I always stayed in addition to a few good local places to eat.

Sorry I can't say much about clubs as I was always too tired to go out except for shopping.

Dave Warren:
Your best bet is in Joliet. Working an outage at Lasalle doesn't afford you alot of time to go to the great city of Chicago, so Joliet is your best choice. Morris had a restaurant / sports bar called Turtles, which was decent. While you are at Lasalle, look up my brother (Mark Warren). He is a House HP there, and has been there for 20 years. He can give you alot of options in Morris/Ottawa/Channahon area.

P.S. Wearing anything showing you are a Vikings fan will just get the Bears fan talking about our trip to the Super Bowl this year....:)


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