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Heading to Monticello the first of the year until spring.  Anyone have any ideas on house or apartment rentals in the area?


Lorrie Henson:
I'm looking for information on a furnished 2-3 bedroom house, condo, etc.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.


If you look on craigslist for the minneapolis area under "rooms/shared" there are a few furnished places if you dont mind sharing with someone of course.  I didnt see any temp places in monti or surrounding areas (well at least within a 20 mile radius) that had multiple bedrooms and were furnished.
I do know however, that quite a few of the residents do offer places in the area (I personally talked with one very nice gentleman at a mattress store in september about the outages and he and his wife rent out a bedroom for it), and I'll have my wife check around to see if she hears of anything from our neighbors.

I can't wait to get home and shovel that snow ;-).


Lorrie Henson:
Thank you Jason!!  Our situation is a little different than the "typical" outage workers.  We travel with our two young children and my mother-in-law will be traveling with us to watch the kiddos while we work.  So, we need a place all to ourselves... LOL

Feel free to email me directly, if you find anything additional.  I really appreciate it!!


I was just looking online yesterday on corporate housing in Minneapolis and found some websites that had furnished apartments in St Cloud and Minneapolis.  I'm not sure what the cost on them is yet, but I am looking at those.  We travel with a small dog and like to stay in apartments or houses that feel like home.  I looked up one called Oakdale.......but like i said i don't know about pricing yet.  Good luck, maybe we'll see ya there.


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