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Lorrie Henson:
I've already spoken to Oakdale and they  told me they could get me into a 2 bedroom for $2850 a month..... pretty steep.


--- Quote from: Lorrie Henson on Dec 10, 2008, 01:05 ---I'm looking for information on a furnished 2-3 bedroom house, condo, etc.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.


--- End quote ---

Sorry for this late note but just saw yours.  I found a furnished house in Big Lake using craigslist.  It might be too late for you now but thought I would pass it along.

If traveling with an RV...

River Terrace Park
1335 River Street West
Monticello, MN

  They don't officially open until April 1st but will support early arrivals for the outage.  It will be dry camping (no running water) until April 1st but sewer and electric hookups.
  The owner says he can run a garden hose to fill fresh water tanks a few times a week until then.


Marketplace Inn:
Marketplace Inn

Marketplace Inn is a BRAND NEW hotel in Big Lake
We're located right off of Highway 10, conveniently located next door to 'The Friendly Buffalo' restaurant & bar
We're offering very competitive rates, along with the highest quality stay

We want to extend our welcome to everyone affected by the outages

Give us a call at 763-262-ROOM (7666)
Or stop in at:
16776 198th Ave NW
Big Lake, MN 55308

Scott Ferguson:
$400 3 BR 2 Bath on 2 Quiet Acres, Furnished, Near Power Plants (Big Lake)

Upper Half of Duplex available immediately for responsible, Non-smoking room mate (or Couple) with No pets.
Owner travels extensively and is not often home. The Guest room is furnished along with a private bathroom.
You will have full access to the Furnished house that has Wireless Internet and a complete sound system / entertainment center for your use.

Near Monticello Nuclear Plant and the Coal Power Plant and Elk River Renewable Energy Plant
Great for short term workers or workers on extended stay!

Rural Setting on 2 Acres - Ample Parking for Trailers, Boats, RV, Etc
1,144 SF
Living Room
Kitchen w/ Dining area
Newly installed hardwood floors in all rooms (1 yr old)
Laundry Area
Abundant Closet & Shelf Space
2 Bath
Huge Deck (12' x 32') w/ grill & Gazebo
Outdoor Fire Pit

$400 / mo
Plus 1/2 of Utils

Discounts available
Call Scott at 763-498-2815

This is a non-smoking residence
166 St NW near CR 43 and CR 15


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