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Mound (Miamisburg Closure Project) Lodging


If anyone has lodging information for this facility, please post it here.

I live in the Dayton/Miamisburg area.  If you are looking for the Mound project it may be difficult to find info on unless you are researching through the DOE area.  Anyway, Mound is located in the town of Miamisburg, OH.  Approximately 15-20 miles south of Dayton.  If you are looking for housing or apartments, the best area with the closest proximity to Mound is on Rt. 741 south of Miamisburg (in the Dayton limits) in the area of Lexus_Nexis.  The area is south of the junction between Rt. 725 and 741.  There are numerous apartments in this area and a very nice residential area all the way out to Rt. 48 between 725 and Rt. 73 in Springboro.  Homes range from average to very expensive the closer to Springboro.  I don't recommend the Miamisburg area.  Not much of interest there.  If you look in the yellow pages look for apartments in this area.  There are tons of them and numerous condo complexes.  Any other questions please ask.

There are two apartment complexes that I know of that have very reasonable rates.  They will rent either furnished or unfurnished with short term leases (3mth min).  They are Hidden Lakes and Steeplechase both in South Dayton (approximately 10 to 15 minutes from site).  Check them out on Apartments.com.  I live a short distance from this area and would recommend that one not consider Miamisburg as a preference

The Inn Town Suites on Kingsridge Dr. 2 burner stove,full size fridge, microwave in room. Laundry facility at hotel.
grocrey store and banking 1 block. 10-15 min from Mound

Dave Warren:
Jag's Restaurant.
Great place for dinner and dancing after 10:00 PM.
Last exit on 75 before you hit 275 in Cincy.


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