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Furnished House for Rent
I have a nice 3BR 2Bath Detach Garage with acerage 5 minutes from Ports Gaseous Diffusion Plant.  Call Dan at 740-418-3139

Like new 3BR 2Bath home, nice covered porch, detached 2 car garage, blacktop drive, extra storage building.  3 Bedroom, 2 bath, garden tub, immaculate condition.   Sits on 6 acres.  5 miles from plant-site on country setting.  Pricing:  $800 Unfurnished, $1000 Furnished, or $1200 Furnished and Utilities included.  Month to Month available.
Call (740) 418-3139

Anyone have any newer information on hotels, motels, apartments, etc. in the area for rent?

This site is hiring RCTs again with plans to remove components in another process facility, prior to their demo.  Housing is still pretty much the same from the past years. The Best Western in Piketon and the Ameristay Hotel and Waverly and the HI Express in North Portsmouth are the only realistic hotel options for very temporary housing.  Apartments are typically cheap and not hard to find (ranging from $300-800/month.)  A lot of the site stays at the Bristol Village in Waverly.  It's really a high-end retirement community for 50 and older, but you can get in slightly younger with recommendations. 
The problems with Radcon management have quieted down with the old USEC radcon manager taking control.  Work-pace is still heavily dictated by union work policies.  The requirement for L- and some Q- based on process components, keeps the union in a strong position.
The Emmitt House is gone.  El Charo and Dakotas are still the restaurants to visit in Waverly.  The Ribber, Ports City Pub and BW3s dominate the food market in Portsmouth. Richie's Market Place has become the sleeper spot to be on Wednesday nights.  Close to the site with good food & drink with good prices; it's been hard to beat in the area.

The Piketon Motel isn't too shabby , no kitchenettes though ,  Ports has problems ,  Friends don't let friends go there. 

Anyone have new info on temp lodging near Portsmouth, preferably Chillicothe area but right around site is ok as well. Set to arrive there May 1st.


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