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Red Wing, about 15 minutes from the plant, has several hotels for short term stays.  Right on the "island" is the "Treasure Island Casino" which has RV facilities I'm told by fellow contractors.  For longer term stays the "Pottery Place" at 2000 Old West Main St. has about 25 apartments on the 4th floor of an old converted pottery.  The first 3 floors contain commercial offices, various shops, and a pizza place.  This joint is nice & convenient.  Other apartments and rental homes are listed in the local newspaper, "Red Wing Republican Eagle" I think it's called.  Some other long term contractors I know stay in Hastings which is a little further from the plant opposite Red Wing.

Redwing lodging:
   These are a little bit pricy, but are close to the plant.
I stay in Lake City which is about 23 miles away, but lots of motels and the people are very friendly. Some people stay in Hastings which is about as far away as Lake City.
You can email me for more lodging info.

Already Gone:
If you're used to living in the Northeast, or other densely populated areas, Red Wing will shock you.  If a total stranger starts a conversation with you, he's not crazy, he's just being friendly.  People in the town and at the plant are very outgoing and friendly, as well as polite and cooperative.

If you like gourmet food, try the Stag Head.  Definitely order the pork tenderloin if you can get it.

If you like bowling, playing pool, or watching sports try the Bierstube.  They have really good dinners there too.  I liked the Rachel Sandwich.

Fiesta Mexicana is pretty good Mexican food.

Of course there is the casino.  For those who don't know, there is a casino/hotel on the same reservation as the plant.  Some of your in-processing training will be held either at the casino or the tribal community center.  The hotel is too expensive for the per diem, but you can play the slots, watch football, catch a show, or eat at the buffet

There are a lot of new businesses in town.  In just the last year and a half there is a new Target, Wal-Mart, and Applebees.  I prefer the smaller shops downtown, but there is always the Mall of America about an hour away.

Couldn't find Canadian beer anywhere except a little dive called Bea's.  All they had was Sleeman's.

If you like Karaoke, it's happening at one bar or another on any given weeknight.  I think it is Thursday at Guppy's (used to be a movie theater).

Take a drive up into the Bluffs Park.  You can see forever from the vantage point.  The plant looks like two little lumps from there.

StagHead is definitely a great eatery and  tap room.  This new owner has carried over the great food.  It is a little pricy but good eatin'.  One post called it gourmet but that was just the price.  The new owner has a large variety of beers.  A friend of mine, a real beer affectionato, suggested the Mared Sous (Belgian) on tap.  It is simply the best I have ever tasted.  It is a great place for food with friends. :)

There are Condo rentals in Lake City, Willows are cheaper.  Not sure about weekly but it is comparable to hotels in area and have one and two bedroom.
It helps if you tell them you are working at the plant. 


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