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I was wondering what plant's that have operators that allows them not to qualify fie brigade? I just got then lost a ANAO position due to a medicall condition not allowing me to qualify for the fire brigade.

I know that Sequoyah (TVA) and Palo Verde have their own "fire departments" therefore operators don't have to be fire brigade qualified. Other than that, I don't know, but when you read the various job postings from different plants, most will indicate if you need to be fire brigade qualified. That should clue you in.

I have been an operator at Crystal River, ANO and Kewaunee and all three required operators to be on the fire brigade.

AEP's D.C. Cook station does not qualify their Operators for fire brigade, however, they do have to qualify for operating the plant under Appendix R regs and other EP conditions. If your issue is with a respirator then this may not be what you need.

It's not a respirator problem, I qualified for one at my last job. It is a problem with being on coumadin (anticoagulant i.e. blood thinners) I was disqualified fire brigade per NFPA 1582 standard. Thanks for the help so far.

Nuclear NASCAR:
1.1.4 This standard shall not apply to industrial fire brigades that also can be known as emergency brigades, emergency response teams, fire teams, plant emergency organizations, or mine emergency response teams.

This seems to exclude a plant fire brigade from the standard.  I'll see if I can find out more for you in the next few days.


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