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So, I'm gonna post this in three places because something has happened which has not happened since was launched on the internet,...

An operating license has been granted to a commercial nuclear power plant in the US of A.

So, here's a quick set of numbers to let sink in,....

Licensed and Shuttered Synopsis                  
Licensed in 1950's      3       Shuttered in 1950's   0      
Licensed in 1960's      19      Shuttered in 1960's   7      
Licensed in 1970's      59      Shuttered in 1970's   7      
Licensed in 1980's      47      Shuttered in 1980's   6      
Licensed in 1990's      5       Shuttered in 1990's   9      
Licensed in 2000's      0       Shuttered in 2000's   0      
Licensed in 2010's      1       Shuttered in 2010's   5   

Someone is putting skin in the game.

$19 billion?  Seems dubious.

yeah but they are spending quite a bit of money to set up the possibility, not the 19 billion, but the hundreds of millions to even investigate.

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