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Look at gradients and long division... by hand. :)


I am late to post here... but maybe for future searchers this will be helpful.
I took and passed the BMST with Exelon, I have a B.S. and know science material very well. The two topics I found difficult were circuitry symbols, and I couldn't for the life of me remember how to convert degrees to radians or radians to degrees (there were a number of these on the exam). The rest was pretty common science and math that I hadn't seen since high school (very basic chemistry and physics) The physics is more like the mechanical comprehension related questions in the POSS. Hope this helps someone. Feel freet to PM me if you want further details. On a side note, I did not even know there was a study guide or material for this exam... HR has been pretty bad with giving me the proper information regarding the exams and I have to retake the POSS (supposedly next week but I have yet to hear from HR).

How did your exam go and the rest of the testing? Best of luck and hope it went well

2*Pi radians in a circle
360 degrees in a circle

If you're not asked to deal with minutes or seconds, best to use 57.29 as degrees per radian.  You should be able to run numbers quickly with this shortcut.

If they ask a question with minutes or seconds, remember that a minute of arc is 1/60 of a degree and a second of arc is 1/60 of a minute.  For those without Navy experience, just remember your clock is based on arcs.

Hi, I noticed some people had some recent posts on the BMST which were very helpful. I am scheduled to take it next week. Anyone that took it recently have any additional study advice to add?

Same here I am scheduled to take it on the 28th and I was very dissatisfied with the study materials provided for the BMST.  I have recently taken Physics 2 as well as Algebra 2 so I'm hoping that will help with the test.  Has anyone recently taken the test that can offer some insight into the BMST?


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