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Disclaimers: 1.)  I know how to use the search function (no real answers) and 2.)  I realize that there is a "Plant/Owner Ratings" section.  But here goes anyway:

It seems that most of the info I can find about plants in Region II/Southeast have opinions posted that specifically address the opinions of the RadCon Techs, but I'm interested specifically in the OPS and TRAINING programs for Region II plants.  Anybody have an opinion about these areas for any plants down south?

Opinions and advice of all kinds is much appreciated and will be rewarded with beer if you can get me hired there!

What do you want to know?

There's about 123456789 threads coverning this very topic.


HoHo5973, I'm just curious about what the people are like.  I figure that I'll learn in time what it's like to work at a civilian plant.  But right now I'm just trying to figure out what people think of the management philosophies, the people, and the overall work environment at some of the plants.  I've been talking to some plants in the southeast and would like other people's take on any of the plants.  As I said, I am open to PM's from anyone who doesn' want to give away their discontent or otherwise.

It has been my experience that the people that I have worked with have been generally cool people to work with, especially if you have a good sense of humor and a good work ethic. As far as management philosophy is concerned, you would be well served to search other threads on this site as this varies from plant to plant (and company to company). Many places advertise an "operations first" mentality, but not all actually operate that way. The non-licensed operator job is one of the best jobs (IMHO) that you can have within the nuclear industry. Generallly, the position pays well with alot of overtime available and a relatively light workload (though it can get pretty busy, especially on a dayshift during the week). With that said, your best bet is to apply to places where you think you would like to be locationwise, go on the interview, if invited, and ask questions of the operators there, this should give you at least a glimpse of what you may be getting into. Also, if you have desires to go on to become a licensed RO and/or SRO, make sure you ask about the time frame involved with that. I have seen that vary anywhere from 2-10 years after hire. Once again, search the nukeworker boards for more info as well, as I have personally found this site to be quite informative.


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