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I have had more problems with Bartlett than any other company that i have worked for. The last time i work for Bartlett i was at Trukey Pt. When i got my first check it was short several hundred dollars, there was a deduction for court ordered child support.I don't have any kids on this earth. I called and was told that i would have to go through the courts to get it back and that i needed to step up the plate and be a real parent and do my duty. After several weeks and threat of litigation they gave me my money back, when they realized that they was another rad worker with my name. Even though they knew that the social security #'s didn't match they were convinced that i was the dead beat dad. Hey Bartlett "I DON'T HAVE AND CHILDREN" maybe this is why they won't hire me today. Bartlett can NOT claim to be an Equal Opportunity Employer when they won't even submit your resume. And every time i have worked for them i have always done my job and got a good review. Just this year i submitted my resume for approval at Turkey and BARTLETT didn't even return my calls or e-mails. Well theres no shame in welfare.Remo

Dream Tar Heel:
Never worked for the big B-Machine in the Nuclear World, but I am constantly surrounded by his ex-employees, each with their own story. Some even sharing the same story.

All I know is for every new story, Numanco gets another tech, some of them pretty good and I'm glad to work with them.

Go figure, like Mulder said "The Truth Is Out There"  8)

Remo - sorry to hear about that situation, truthfully never heard of it before and if I had I would've tried to help get it resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible.  Obviously it wasn't handled quickly and painlessly as possible and for that I'm sorry, as I am sorry it even happened in the first place.  As most of you know payroll is outside my domain  - hell, I failed every accounting course I ever took, but I can push hard and yell quite loud when it comes to someone getting a bum deal from any department in this company. Now I realize that since my last name happens to be the topic of this thread that most of you probably don't trust me as far as you could throw me, but take this as you will - if you have a problem with any  department be it payroll, insurance, personnel etc...I will try to work with you to get it resolved.  Bartlett is in essence a staffing company - without you the technicians we don't exist - you may feel that some people may loose site of this fact at times, I can assure you I never have and never will.  I was brought into this company when it was realitively one of the smallest in the field  competing with a half dozen or more companies to get you the technicians to work for us. Over the years we have become the largest supplier of Radiological and Decontamination support services in the commercial industry - one of the main reasons we have been able to grow into this position is because of you the technicians - the technicians that show up to do a professional job, the technicians that sacrifice quality time with thier loved ones to work 72 to 84 hours a week - you the technicians that have chosen a very difficult way of life - not knowing when and where your next check will be coming from, when you will be returning to work and when you are working when you will be returning home.  As I'm sure that most of you will agree, at least those that have been in the buisness since the glory day prior to deregulation, the commercial contract buisness is getting tighter and harder with shorter, faster paced outages.  Bartlett is not in this buisness to not hire you. We are a staffing company. The last thing we want to do is alienate any of you. I'm not stupid, or at least not that stupid. I realize that we cant keep everyone happy all of the time.  I realize that we make mistakes just as some of you make mistakes. Afterall we are only human, with human flaws. If you have a problem with any individual or department within the Bartlett organization and you dont think its getting resolved in an expediant amount of time with the desired results contact me - I can't promise I can fix it(Rad-Ghost can attest to that ;D) but I can promise I'll try. If I'm part of the problem you have, go straight to my boss(s).  I can freely admit I've made mistakes before and I'll most likely make mistakes in the future.  I can only try to learn from them and try to never repeat them - as I've stated before, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here, Bartlett wouldn't be here.  Well thats my two cents worth - take it or leave it - may you be prosperous and happy in all of your endeavors.

PS sorry for the spell'n, wasn't much good with spell'n either

it's been my experience that it is sometimes incredibly difficult to be reimbursed for payroll shortages made by bartlett. i have even been charged the fed ex fee when i did get reimbursed. that being said...everyone makes mistakes from time to time and that's okay. recruiters, payroll folks, and even us technicians. i think the thing that puts people off is the time it takes to resolve payroll problems. the previous post by eric bartlett is pretty much true...it just depends on who you talk to up there. my problems were all resolved as soon as i got in touch with the right person.  just my two cents for what it's worth. best of luck to all of you!


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