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Craft Wages for Outages


What kind or wages for are being offered for the various crafts on outages now days?

Crane Operator?

Already Gone:
It really depends on a lot of variables.

Geography is the biggest.  Jobs that pay $25 in the south, pay $35 in Illinois.

It also depends on whether the craft is union or not.

And, I haven't seen the title "rigger" anywhere outside a shipyard.  Basically all mechanical crafts are expected to be qualified to rig their own loads - though some are better at it than others.

...The best rigging performance I have ever been associated with, comes from union Millwrights...the difference in a rigger and a Millwright is a millwright will use a chainfall and balance the load.. and almost always includes a level,..some jobs I have worked with APM, included pulling the rotor out of the stator, on the generator end of the turbine, with less than an inch of clearance all the way around..and the rotor weighed 210 tons. and usually the rotors had to be turned due to the turbine building wall being constructed too close to the generator end of the turbine...this wasn't done by unskilled labor..union labor did this..and are well paid..and should be..


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