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I understand that this post has a lot of blowing my son's horn and I appologise  but I'm rationalizing that since no one knows who I am or my son is it really isnt. My son finished number one in A-school and is currently number one or near it at power school. My question is does where they place in school have any effect on their military and civilian careers other than being able to choose their first post?

It may or may not help him with his first tour choice...needs of the Navy will always prevail.

It will ensure that he doesn't need a waiver to get an instructor tour later if he so desires (reenlists).  It may help him out with an officer package later.

Beyond that, his job is just beginning.  His scores will all but be forgotten when he gets to the ship/sub.  He starts from scratch there, and they could honestly care less if he was first or last, as long as he qualifies on-time or early and contributes to his division/department/ship/sub.

As far as civilian stuff goes, I am inclined to say that no one really cares about school scores.  I am in the job market now and I have not yet been asked my class standing, and I can hardly remember it anymore.

Good on him, though.  It's a nice accomplishment.

A' School performance really does not matter.  That being said, if he chooses to apply for an officer program, it certainly is a feather in his cap and something that should be mentioned prominently in his application package.

Your son needs to graduate top half at nuke school then top half at prototype in order to be viable for instructor duty  The top half/top half thing is waiverable for prototype duty, but, I can tell you from experience, nuke school/ A school  shore duty is as good as it gets for a nuke.

None of it matters, especially in the civilian world. Look at it this way, it's the equivalent of a guy showing up at the World Series Champs and saying he once struck out 10 in a junior high baseball game.


I agree with what Mike said for the commercial world, and I agree with the others that it will have little, but some importance in the navy nuke world. That said though, its still an accomplishment for which both of you should be very proud.



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