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--- Quote from: PapaBear765 on Feb 17, 2008, 01:36 ---Everyone is right: the needs of the navy will prevail.  Having said that, unless there's a great need for someone to fill a particular billet, then they're going to try to even out the distribution of "hot runners" and "anchors."  Also detailers will try to meet the desires of the individual.  I always got whatever I asked for.  But at the same time, when I got to the PCU Texas (now the USS Texas) right out of prototype my orders were modified to the USS Montpelier due to their RC Division losing too many people and them going on deployment in less than two months.  So the needs prevailed.

Detailers now are nukes, too.

--- End quote ---
PB, welcome back after your smite induced absence.  Although, we typically stand on opposite sides of the fence on most topics, it is good to have your side of the story presented. 

I too offer a bit of K to you for your pleasant comments.



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