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spring trip, what should I check out?

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I apologize if this post is not serious or in the correct folder - mods, feel free to move at whim.

I'm a NUPOC in Tennessee and want to short stay at a naval or other military base in mid-may. I've only been to King's Bay and Pensacola, FL thus far. I tried to get reservations at Charleston Weapon Station today but they're filled up.

Does anyone have any recommendations for bases or other military spots to check out on the east coast?

Groton Ct



Carriers and subs, and if you are lucky, the weather will be nice and you can hit VA Beach.  No matter what the weather, you can go to Waterside and enjoy any of the bars or restaurants there.

For an overall look at the BIG Navy, Norfolk is a decent trip.  I recommend staying at Dam Neck or Oceana, though (especially if you want to go to the beach more than once).

Umm....I'm sure you'll see Charleston, Groton, and probably Norfolk during your time in the navy.  I recommend Boston.  You can stay at the Constitution Inn for next to nothing

Plus, lots to see and do in Boston....Fenway Park......Standing Room Tickets are $7 for military....

Freedom Trail......


Camella Black:
Boston is a nice area, I loved my mini-vacation there but if I had a choice for mid-May I'd go to Kings Bay GA to the sub base. The area is beautiful and quite close to the Cumberland Island National Seashore and within 2 hours of both Jacksonville FL and Savannah GA.


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