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User Profile Picture - How and/or why did you choose yours?

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Camella Black:
Its late and I'm sitting here staring at Obama and Paris Hilton on nukeworker and wondered how RadBastard chose this photo. So I thought I'd ask everyone the same question... How did you choose that photo and why?

mine is my myspace pic, the chicks dig it  :P

I saw a picture of a handsome guy, and decided to use it as my avatar.

Brett LaVigne:
Mine changes form time to time. I have had my daughter up because she is what I am most proud of in my life and I get to look at her when I am on here, I have had charcoal drawings that I did of Ray Charles and Marty Feldman. Currently I have the new Nissan GT-R because it is one of the nastiest autos on the planet and I dream of owning one.

Basically, you will see an avatar that just makes me smile for one reason or another.

Fairly simple for me.....Da' Bears  8)


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