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User Profile Picture - How and/or why did you choose yours?

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--- Quote from: McLovin #41 on Mar 03, 2008, 02:37 ---Mine used to be motorcycles, but one of the fascists, I mean moderators  ;D that runs this joint changed it for me!  I'm pretty sure it was the one who says his avatar is a pic of a "handsome guy" that he found somewhere.

--- End quote ---

Fascists?!?  If you don't like it, you can change it back.  I thought you would love it.  BTW, only Nuclear Nascar and I have access to peoples profile.

Rennhack, of course I love it, that's why I haven't changed it back.  The smiley face would imply that I'm giving you a hard time.  Anyway, I don't want to upset the Pinko's that run this place.  I hear they can have me shipped to a gulag in Siberia!!!!! ;D ;D

aye wuz looking four sum thing dat reflected fav areas in my, geography, 'n sports.  doi..........!  some peepal haffa deeficult time wit homer, butt dey due knot no da daffynishun, obb vee us lee.   ;)

Twenty plus years as a Contract Tech, the Bobba Fett avatar seemed to just fit-----the things we do for money. As for the darkmatter moniker, well that's a inside joke for astrophysics----if I have to explain, you won't get it.


--- Quote from: incrediblehulk on Feb 13, 2008, 11:48 ---I've been told by those who know me...including my wife, that the best way to view me is with heavy make-up or a mask on.

--- End quote ---

thought about this....   decided against putting on makeup but i guess i can do a mask...

by the way...   i doodled mine...    spent almost six weeks waiting for a required hazmat seminar before i could complete my training at hanford...   i doodled lots of stuff during that time but this was the only thing i could show anyone...


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