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How can I find out at wich plants the operations staff (NLOs ROs ect.) are union workers? I have been trying to search the forum but have only found either listings of trades jobs that are union or debates about union vs non union operators.

One last question
In some states it is illegal for some jobs to strike (example teachers in Iowa). Is is legal for nuclear operations personnel to strike in any or all states?

TVA NPG plants.
RO and NLO are Union
SRO (CRS) and above are Management.

retired nuke:

--- Quote from: Len61 on Feb 14, 2008, 08:02 ---TVA NPG plants.
RO and NLO are Union
SRO (CRS) and above are Management.

--- End quote ---
Same for VY, Pilgrim, IPEC, Fitz, GGNS, ANO, RB, Salem, Hope Creek....(I Think   :) )

Most plants that are union will have the operators as union. SROs are generally mgmt by default. Some plants have an engineer union (Pilgrim) that may have SRO certs in it...

Vogtle: NLO's are Union, unsure about RO's, SRO's=salaried management.
Grand Gulf: NLO's & RO's=Union, SRO's=salaried management.
Catawba: Non-Union plant for all.
Brunswick: NLO's & RO's=Union, SRO's=salaried management.
Robinson: Non-Union plant for all (only 99% sure on this one.)

Xcel Energy (Prairie Island/Monticello) NLO's and RO's are union, along with maintenance, planning, RP/Chem and Engineering.  Active SRO's are management.


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