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Looking for a calculator for Cf-252 spontaneous fission rate

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Trying to find an online calculator that can provide me the approximate neutron dose rate for a given activity of Cf-252. I am receiving a source as waste and want to establish the estimated dose rate as I have no neutron monitoring capability.  Any help would be appreciated.

Have you tried the RadPro Calculator linked to in the study section, under calculators?

Yep, nothing there that covers this at all.  Reason I am looking is that we are receiving a 2.35 mCi Cf-252 source as waste and there are questions as to its neutron dose rates, if any at all.  Am hoping to find a quick and dirty approximation to pass on to my Health Physicist to assist him.

Have you tried to contact the dose manufacturer directly?  Give a Canberra or IPL a call and they may have the information you need.  They can probably give the birth certificate on the source if it is one they made and that should have info like manufacture date, emission rate for beta and neutron sources or AKR for gamma sources.

If it is being shipped to you special form, then you may get this certificate as documentation.  Or you could request the original user to send what he has.

Actually I currently work for one of those source manufacturers get in contact w/ me and I'd be glad to help you out. CF-252 sources are one of my specialties. I'd be surprised if the OEM isn't willing to take the source back FOC for recycling.


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