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--- Quote from: vikingfan on Mar 07, 2008, 01:20 ---maggie,

most utilities will provide orex scrubs while working their plants. use theirs instead of buying your own unless you have a skin condition or get rashes fromtheirs.

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Unless you're at a plant that requires you to wear their old scrubs that every Tom, Dick and Harry has embedded their stench in them. I would sniff them prior to wearing and then only after I had my own T-shirt and shorts on underneath would I wear them. So why is it I could wear my clothes under that and go in the can but not my own clean scrubs - PC's are supposed to protect you - right? If not, you lose a pair of scrubs.

Any plants out there that require you to wear their recycled scrubs today? This was 2004 - east coast plant.

Ditto !!

I was at Limerick - maybe they have changed that policy by now.


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