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Recently I have been exploring this site and have come across some references to "skull orchard". I don't know how many folks know about the skull orchard country club and would love to hear truth or rumor. Many things that took place there I still remember, but would like to fill in the gaps.

...If you still remember them, like the 70's, you must not have had as good a time as I did...red

worked ANO in late 80's -90's. had some good times at the skull, but when FFd came around the skull kind of got lost. it's still there just not the same.I'm proud I was there for times I was.

Mike McFarlin:
Don't tell all the good things, Booger. Its been a while....

As one of the original black shirt members, I was mostly curious about some of the stories circulating the industry. Secondly, I was looking for contact with some of my old friends.
Mikel McIntosh
Lost River Motel
Arco, Id.


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