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Unemployment benefits in MA


I was medically retired from Air Force in Feb this year, I lived and worked in MA for over 2 years.  I went to unemployment office in MA and started my claim.  I now live in Florida, I didn't do an intrastate claim and just recieved a letter to go to MA for a career counseling meeting. My question is do I fly up to MA or try to start the intrastate claim in FL, the letter states I had to attend class by the end of March.  I tried talking to the unemployment office in FL and they told me to go online to fill out form, the form on line is for people that earned income in FL.  Any suggestions would be appreciated

I file in MA every year and live in Ohio. To initially open a claim I go to MA office.  Each time I open or re-open a claim I have to call Ohio to fill out an IB-1 form.  The IB-1 is for both address changes and to re-open claims from what I have been told.  After you do this the checks come from MA and you still call/snail mail/use the MA website thru MA for each week's claims.  Work search and all of the other stuff is controlled through OH, my home state.

You should probably try to fill out one of these IB-1 forms thru FL and see if that clears up your problems.  Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info, I hope it's as easy as that.


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