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Hi all!

Currently doing a review for my utility regarding continuing education for HP'S  and HP Techs.  Interesting in learning:

1. Do you attend annual continuing training?
2. Is it all in house?
3. How many hours / days  a year you are required to attend?
4. What are some of the topics covered?

I'm saving a couple of steps here in my benchmarking and any/all feedback is appreciated.

House techs at Farley get 2 weeks training every year.  All taught by in house instructors.  Topics are OE's that have come out during year,  first aid,  emergency plan actions and general theory stuff.  The actual items are decided by committee of techs, management and training people based in part on requests for training from shift.  Contact me by email and I'll hook you up with training department and they can answer your questions in detail

Brett LaVigne:
Rent a tech...continuous training...ya right!!!

Duke Nuker:
1.  Oh yea
2.  Every extended minute of it.
3. 36 hours twice a year minimum - non outage years we get an extra session thrown in.
4. We have a backbone schedule of topics that are required. The general stuff is covered by that (biology, physics, math.....) We have a committee of technicians that help plan our training to make sure we get topical courses as we need them, things like outage preps (some tasks we only perform every 4 or 5 years.  Training on new equipment, procedure changes, culture changes, and anything else we deem necessary.

Good luck


At Browns Ferry, RP continuing training is done every quarter.  Anywhere from 2 to 4 days worth each quarter depending on the topics.  Each quarter has a plant system topic, as well as Industry Events, and then other topics as decided by the CRC (curriculum review committee).  A matrix is used with some topics done every year, some every two years, etc.  Emergency Preparedness is done every year - to include the REP vans.  GET is also done during continuing training every summer.   Theory topics are done based on the results of a monthly on-line quiz everyone does.  Just-In-Time training is done before outages, with topics such as initial containment entry and fuel handling. 



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