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"Superstar Rad Engineer"

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I gotta agree with Marssim.......Unique!

Redline, if anybody's currently out of work, I''d be surprised!

In any case, nice posting and displaying that phone number should keep things buzzing at the office!

RG............. ;D

I stopped by their website.  They have opening for  "Helath Physics Tech".  Maybe it would be better for them to start slow and maybe advertise for "HP techs"  until they learn to spell a bit better


--- Quote from: Marssim on Apr 03, 2008, 06:03 ---Nah, DeNuke's good people and a good company, I'm just amusingly discombobulated by the slant of the job posting,...

--- End quote ---

Second that and not just because I am working for them right now.  ;)

Smart People:
You gotta admit, the posting has style! 8) 8) ;D


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