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so I'm thinking of goin in as an officer. I'm going to graduate with a BS in mechanical engineering, and was wondering, if I get a degree after going through nuke school?

or is it just an "enrichment" type course...

say afterwards, after i'm all said and done w/ the navy, would I hold a BS in nuclear and mechanical? if not, will i still be able to get a job easily at a nuke plant as an engineer?

This what I know for what it is worth.  There are a few colleges that will give you credit for what you do in the Navy as far as school.  Most of them will be towards a nuclear engineering technology degree.  I just started going back to school for my BS in either Nuclear or Mechanical Engineering and only one of my experience classes transfered. 

I bet all those answers are already here, even the one about "enrichment"



--- Quote from: HoneyComb on Apr 14, 2008, 06:54 ---First ... welcome to the site.

Second ... you really should talk to some of the O'gangers on the board.

To do that you'll need to do some research.  If you really have what it takes to make it in the Navy Nuke World (Officer or Enlisted) I recommend you take a little time and proof what you write.  Then make sure it is understandable.  The way you represent yourself means a lot about how you are received by others.  Including how smart they think you are or are not.

I get the impression you are certainly a Engineer Major.  Because you have spelling and grammar issues.

Is this a problem that will stop your success in life.  The simple answer is YES.  The more complicated answer is NO.

Take some time and LEARN what it is you are talking about in regards to "goin in as an officer".  Its painfully obvious to those of us that have gone through the program that you don't know the first thing about it.

Give the NAVY NUKE FORUM's some reading.

Then ask questions.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the unkindly welcome. Not to be rude, but, in all the forums I have been a member of, none of which have criticized my grammar. I, as well as many others on the interweb, use shorthand. I will modify my grammar for this site.

I apologize if I came off unprofessional, that was not my intent. My intention of posting, was to gain knowledge, particularly if it (the nuclear education I will be receiving) will earn me a degree in nuclear engineering. Which, from the second post, it seems as though it will not.

I have been trying to read up this past week on information, but, I haven't found information for this. I read somewhere (I believe) that the Officer NUKE school is different from Enlisted NUKE school, which is the reason I posted to ask this question.

Again, I'm sorry if I came off rude, but I take offense to your "I get the impression..." statement you made.

Also, I think you meant to say, "Give the NAVY NUKE FORUMS some reading"...

Besides, this is all in good fun right ;)


Honeycomb, PM'd you.

Again, no hard feelings towards anyone.


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