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--- Quote from: HoneyComb on Apr 14, 2008, 06:54 ---I get the impression you are certainly a Engineer Major.  Because you have spelling and grammar issues.

--- End quote ---
When you get after someone like this, you should probably make sure that you don't have a grammatical error and a sentence fragment of your own...


--- Quote from: thesparo on Apr 14, 2008, 11:35 ---so I'm thinking of goin in as an officer. I'm going to graduate with a BS in mechanical engineering, and was wondering, if I get a degree after going through nuke school?

or is it just an "enrichment" type course...

say afterwards, after i'm all said and done w/ the navy, would I hold a BS in nuclear and mechanical? if not, will i still be able to get a job easily at a nuke plant as an engineer?

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Honeycomb is right on target here.  There are short answers to all of your questions, but the real answers involve some research and soul searching on your part.  Let me share some thoughts.  If you enter the Navy with a BS ME as an Officer or Enlisted, successful completion of the Nuclear Power Training Pipeline will not result in any additional degrees, it prepares you to go to sea and operate and maintain the Navy’s reactors.  So in your terminology you may call it an enrichment course.

With regards to post service employment, either path as Enlisted or Officer MAY help you get your foot in the door.  A lot of your opportunities will depend on your quality of service, performance, and personal drive.  Some would presume, more and larger opportunities exist for the Officers.  I think a better perspective is to tie the opportunities to performance and drive, not hash marks and collar devices. 

Today, many of the Navy’s brightest performers are getting their foot in the door in the commercial Nuclear Industry for a variety of reasons that are the subject of several other threads on this board.  Ten to fifteen years ago it was not as easy to break into the industry, but many of the posters here did it.  Bottom line if you work hard, do well, and time it right you can get your foot in the door at a Commercial Plant after a few years in the Navy.
Regarding which career path to pursue, one path offers bigger opportunities and bigger challenges.  Succeed and the reward will be greater.  Fail and it will sting. The other path is more popular (90% of the military is enlisted), and also offers many opportunities.  Both paths are admirable.  Having spent 1/3 of my life enlisted, and ¼ of my life as an Officer, I would recommend entering as an Officer.

If you want to enter as an Officer, you need to seek out and find a Navy OFFICER recruiter.  Don’t let the recruiter at the local office convince you to enlist and apply to be an Officer later.  It is almost always easier to come in as an O-ganger rather than pick up a commission once in.  The local recruiters’ performance is determined by how well he does at convincing YOU to enlist, not by referring you to the Officer recruiter.  Enlisting is a noble thing to do; if you do it you will win my respect.  Do it for the right reasons though, don’t do it because you encountered a good salesman.
Sign up SHIPMATE! Get enriched! 



--- Quote from: thesparo on Apr 14, 2008, 07:14 ---
Thanks for the unkindly welcome. Not to be rude, but, in all the forums I have been a member of, none of which have criticized my grammar. I, as well as many others on the interweb, use shorthand. I will modify my grammar for this site.

I apologize if I came off unprofessional, that was not my intent. My intention of posting, was to gain knowledge, particularly if it (the nuclear education I will be receiving) will earn me a degree in nuclear engineering. Which, from the second post, it seems as though it will not.

I have been trying to read up this past week on information, but, I haven't found information for this. I read somewhere (I believe) that the Officer NUKE school is different from Enlisted NUKE school, which is the reason I posted to ask this question.

Again, I'm sorry if I came off rude, but I take offense to your "I get the impression..." statement you made.

Also, I think you meant to say, "Give the NAVY NUKE FORUMS some reading"...

Besides, this is all in good fun right ;)


--- End quote ---

I must say, as a former ETCS(SW) NUC that I have informed one member of this board who is not enlisted, but in the Navy (albeit by PM), about his postings and the spelling or grammar and the impression it makes on the baby nukes and how he and others of his rank will be perceived.  Hint...Hint... 

First off, you may have a degree--good for you.  Just know that most of those that will be working "for" you if you have the gumption to join the Navy were probably sitting either to your left or right at your college orientation.  Wink...Wink..

Most of them partied too much and the funds ran dry, so they joined the Nuclear Navy.  This way, they could be stimulated by intelligent peers and challenged to finish something that requires discipline--the discipline they failed to exhibit when the ride was free.  Now, they do it for the right reasons, the right way.  Nudge...Nudge...

So, we enlisted scum have little tolerance for those who prattle.  We want to follow orders from someone we can respect.  Those few non-ring knocking officers understand that the blueshirts and those blueshirts with too many chromosomes to know when to quit that become "chiefly" will bail their fannies out of the bilge.  Otherwise, you will quickly learn the definition of "malicious compliance" or see people play games while you are in the box.  The only implement needed is a wet sponge and a certain turbine generator with a bulls-eye painted on its LO dump valve.

Now, there are many baby nukes that read these pages.  They need to know that you are not truly a knucklehead, that you only write like one.  Say no more...

I believe as of this posting I have 46 karma points...I expect Dow-like trends.


don't worry thesparo, I feel like you do about forums, grammer aint that big a deal as long as you get most of the message across.  some people could do a little chilling out on this forum sometimes.


--- Quote from: hamsamich on Apr 15, 2008, 09:17 ---don't worry thesparo, I feel like you do about forums, grammer aint that big a deal as long as you get most of the message across.  some people could do a little chilling out on this forum sometimes.

--- End quote ---

Threadjack alert......

Perception is reality.  That is how life is in the real world.  Get used to that fact now, and you'll be better off in the future.

The saying, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression," is very true.

Threadjack complete....


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