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I tried searching for this information, but nothing to avail in my search terms. So, I was wondering if All the west coast home porters (submarine or Carrier) made a trip to Pearl Harbor at some point in their time in. Or is it just a matter of missions? Reason I ask, it would be interesting to see the history there!

I'll say during my time here I have seen many different ships pull in that are not assigend here. As far as nukes mostly CVNs returning from westpac, unless it's a SSN or SSGN that needs repair work. That being said I have only seen two CVNs pull in in the last 2 years.

Been there, but the best history I get is from my wife's Grandfather.  Retired Air Force, saw it all first hand.

You can always catch a MAC flight over there without having having to worry about your ship getting a port visit there.

Went to Pearl 3 times on a CVN out of San Dog.  2 Times was coming back from Westpac to pick up tigers, the other time was to go over for the Movie premiere of Pearl Harbour, the one with Kate Beckinsale :D :D.  Spent 10 days with a giant movie screen on the aft end of the flight deck and stadium seating.  Kinda neat to walk through the hanger bay and smell beer and cigarettes from the party the night before.


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