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Not entering the Commercial world

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Laundry Man:
Certainly stick around!  After 29 years of power plants, mostly outages and several years of D&D I know work for the laundry company.  Great place to work and very happy I made the change. 
Laundry Man

Good luck Brian and laundry man on your new jobs. Laundry man couldn't you take your karma with you when you changed your moniker?

Yes I will stick around the forums, I guess I was under the impression that this was mainly for the navy nukes and commercial folks and DOE, but I see there is room even for others here.  What a community to accept nukes of all types  :'( sniff sniff. 

Glad to hear you are staying around  :)  Good luck with the new job.


--- Quote from: HoneyComb on Apr 22, 2008, 10:46 ---Heck they accept me and my nonsense even though I'm a professional aviator.

--- End quote ---

Hmmm.... I always thought you were a professional something... but Aviator?


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