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How about chemistry tech contracts...or more specifically house chemistry positions.  Do ya'll know anyone who can help me with this.  I am a navy nuke ELT who has been a civilian for about a year and would love to move closer to home, and Callway is about as close as it gets besides Wolf Creek.  I realize that this may be the wrong thread for this...and if it is, i apologize.  Any info would by MUCH appreciated.   

Callaway jobs are the city of Fulton jobs on the Ameren Website (link below).  Chemistry technician jobs at Callaway seem to be filled internally from the Rad/Chem group.  Rad/Chem jobs are filled from the Rad/Chem Helper spots.  Right now the only postion close to your qualifications would be a Supervisor Rad/Chem; however, Monday, 11/29/04, one of the Radiation Protection Technical Support Techs starts an ALARA Supervisor job, so the trickle down theory is that an outside position somewhere in the field may get to the streets in a bit.  Get your resume in early to beat the rush.  NRRPT is a plus for working at Callaway, and almost a requirement these days.  The last union contract severed the training pipeline that the company was providing to move up.  This action will effectively put the jobs to the streets sooner if no one is already meets the mimimum qualifications once all the "grandfathered" people get their shot at any job they put on their wish list.  Good luck.

I notice there are a bunch of new postings for Callaway.
Does anyone have inside scoop as to the big hire?

Any Callaway people on here that can provide info on the plant, area, etc
I am interested to know. I have been looking into a few of the postions and
might consider relocating if things look good.



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