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AJAX for Rad Pro Calculator Online


If you have ever used the Rad Pro Calculator online version, you may have, like me, gotten aggravated wit the constant page blinking and delays every time you change the units or calculate a new answer.  Because all of the math is being done on the web server, it had to serve you up a new page (called a postback), every time that you made a selection.  The site has now been programmed with AJAX technology and the page blinking and postbacks are gone.  Sometimes you might have to do a double take to make sure that the labels changed, it is so subtle.  It is close to being a desktop feel now.  If the server is busy, there is a slight delay sometimes. though  Check it out with the gamma calculator at:

If you have not looked at the desktop version lately or have not updated in a while, there are some cool changes to it also, including 4 new skins.

Great work.


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