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Need help


New to the Nukeworker site. Just joined today!

I am a wife of a Union Pipefitter/Illinois Plumber, working on getting Certs for welding.

My husband was in DC Cook this spring and enjoyed the traveling work.

He is looking for other opportunities, I'm I in the right place.

Please advise.

Thank you

Yes, you are in the right place... but you are here at the wrong time.

Unfortunately, the outage season is over until Fall. During the summer months, the plants don't shut down (they need to run to keep the air conditioners on) so the work waits until about September first.

Until then, I recommend you read the forum topics... most of your questions will already be answered there. If you become a Gold Member (cheap) you will get an advance copy of next Fall's Outage Schedule showing where and when the work is. You will also get access to even more forum information, some of which is even useful (most of the rest is at least entertaining.) If you have more questions after you get done reading, just ask and I about guarantee you will get more information than you can use.

Welcome to Here is your first Karma Point... you will read about that in the forum, too.

I appreciate your reply, Thank you.  I will upgrade to a Goldmember soon, I am still trying to navigate my way thru the site.   Lots to explore here. This is a great.

My husband is using the summer to get his welding certs, unfortunately the union hall where he is from, the welding classes are over until fall, but he at least has had some great union brothers at DC Cook that have showed him some of the basics to get started, and he has been practicing at the hall on his own.



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