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Shawnee Man:
I would not expect anyone not even a ex navy nuke to pass GFES out of the gate. I have taught GFES and the expectation for passing is 80% of course, but most programs will not allow candidates for RO and SRO (IL: Initial Licensing Class) to take NRC Exam unless you have gotten at least a site graded 88% before they will let you take the NRC Exam. After this you will then go to Systems class. I know at some plants it is not a requirement for NLO (Non Licensed Operators) to pass the GFES course and NRC Exam.
I have run across this website, but have not tried it out myself.

I will have a testing and training course for GFES online by the end of the year if all goes well. The domain is I hope the information I provided will help.

Smooth Operator:
Odd to me that GFES is a pre-hire test. We did a full 8 week class and then took a comprehensive after a series of weekly quizzes. I could not imagine just taking the comp after a week of self prep.

I wonder what kind of score they expect pre-hires to get?

Shawnee Man:
We did give everyone a full blown pretest for GFES at the start of our 6 week course. No one passed, not to be negative. We had 23 in the class that completed the course and all passed the NRC Exam.

Thanks for the input - I took one of the old GFES PWR tests I found from a link in one of the other threads here and got about 1/4 of the questions right... about 1/2 of the ones I got wrong, I understood why the correct answer had been picked so hopefully I'll do well enough on the POSS test and whatever the GFES/Light is to get an interview!

I appreciate the information I've found here - it has been very helpful!

Interesting concept. As in light, do you mean just a few questions? I agree with the others, it is near impossible for someone to pass that test without the adequate prep. Granted, IMO, most of that prep is learning how to actually take the test and answer the questions, with a little knowledge smattered in. Interesting to me that they would use it as a hiring tool. Could be though, that they are just gauging where you are. Like someone else said, we did that too so that we could focus the class on where the weak spots were. They might just be getting it out of the way during the hiring process.



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