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Will gasoline prices affect your Outage travel?

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I'm curious to know how the higher gas prices will impact your Outage travel plans.  Do prices affect your decision to work outages at the more remote plants like Diablo Canyon, Columbia or San Onofre?  Thanks in advance!


it has already affected my daily driving.... looks like Ill be asking for an increase in travel allowances from now on.

That and I think Ill go diesel and bring along some home grown bioD from home

I live in Oregon and have been flying to outages and renting a car for the past two years. It has worked out very nicely. I would , however, rent from Enterprise at  the next Ginna outage. The Rent A Wreck in Rochester was just that.

It already has, i have decided to stay close to home as possible. These Nuke plants are going to have to come up off this 21 to 23 cent's a mile with caps at 200 to 300 dollars. I just worked Wolf Creek and they pay 49.5 cent's a mile. That is by far the best i have been paid. With shorter outages the money has got to start going up and going up quick. Southern Company is one of the worst when it comes to travel and Diem. This is by far the worst i have seen in the 17 plus years i been a Road Whore.

Camella Black:
It has affected us as well. Henry changed hotels to be closer to the plant and we are cutting back on trips home.

Seems to me that the per diem rate should be rising as our costs are, but I doubt that will happen.


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