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Will gasoline prices affect your Outage travel?

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I've seen some pretty strange results to several national polls, addressing the rising price of gasoline and other associated fuels.  Apparently a percentage of the polled population doesn't consider the increasing costs as much of an influence in their daily life.  Obviously some people don't get out much!  If accepting an assignment translates to reconfiguring my finances, purchasing a new vehicle and searching for a down hill route to an assignment, I'll pass! 

Tiss the Season.......Not even close!  There's still a few of months for the majority of the technician opportunities.  I've already had a couple of calls, offering the same stagnet wages of 18 months ago, but a slight increase of Per Diem and once again....CRAPPED travel!  It's probably just my pesimistic side, but I figure we're about one natural disaster from $7.00 per gallon!  Parts of the NE and California are currently closing in on $5.00 per gallon!  I'm sure that once you commit in June, the companies will be more then willing to adjust the compensation in September!


retired nuke:
I commute 95 miles r/t 4 days a week. I'm riding a motorcycle now, 2.1 gals / day.
I regularly commute in a car - 4 gals / day.
I thought about going out and getting a hybrid / corrola or something else, but those little cars beat you up on a long drive (I know - used to have a little Hyundai). I can buy a lot of gas before I could offset a new car payment.

16 gals / wk x 4.3 wks / mo = 68.8 gals = $285 / mo for gas with my comfy Sable...... :P

A new hybrid costs ~$30k, call it $500/mo... :o..cheaper to keep driving my paid for beater, and relace it with another in a couple of years, than to go out and buy anything new......I buy whatever is available for $3-4k, and drive it till it's dead.

Yeah, the rising price of gas pinches my a$$, but I like where I live, it's good for my kids, and I make a good living. There are lots of folks around me that are struggling. So we try and donate a bit extra to the local charities, and skip going out as much.

I feel for you travelers, it is hard to pinch the ends together when the utilities cap travel, and limit PD. Shorter outages, etc means less money to operate with. Heck, our outage is scheduled for <20 days...... :(

Nuclear Renaissance:
Hyundai probably isn't a good basis for comparison.

My 2007 Civic Hybrid is a pretty cushy ride, gets 43 mpg driving pretty aggressively (as aggressively as you can get with a Civic; my wife gets 47 mpg), and with the couple grand back as a tax rebate it was only $19,500. It has great crash ratings even compared to larger cars (airbags all around), and the resale values on Honda Civics are very high.

Plus, it pretty much looks like a regular Civic instead of those goofy Priuses.

Old HP:
Remember when we used to have rental cars and the the companies paid for the fuel as well. Of course gas was 65 cents per gallon.
Back on topic; there will probably be even more people leaving the business now as wages have stalled and expenses have risen rapidly (fuel, health insurance, taxes etc.) It is ironic that at a time when the demand for qualified techs is increasing that the financial reward for those willing to work is actually decreasing.

there are still companies that supply rental cars and fuel old hp. but those days are mostly gone for the decon/hp techs except for the rare situation


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