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Mirror Insulation Decon & Refurb

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I am looking for a station with a working Mirror Insulation refurbishment program. Especially, what type of decon techniques are being used to remove heavy internal deposits of boric acid from large pieces of mirror insulation. I hear stories of hot water submersion baths and ultrasonic sinks but have not found any factual information on the subject. Handling the stuff we have is becoming very touchy and manufacturing new pieces will probably not be cost effective. We need a new approach. Any new equipment available or lessons learned out there? 

What is cost effective is getting rid of the old stuff and replacing it with new. I was involved with the Unit 1 recovery at Browns Ferry. I was the tech covering the Drywell mirror insulation decon effort after many fruitless attempts to knock down the levels we finally came tothe conclusion to replce everything. Don't waste you time get rid of the old stuff.

Thanks for the reply IE. Replacing the insulation is always an option. We have been told unofficially the figures could run into seven figures for a total replacement. That's why we're looking at all options. Good news for you that yours was replaced - we are not there yet.

Any other ideas out there?

davis besse used a ultra sonic machine.worked good at knocking down dose rates

Frisher is right, during the 2 year outage - Davis Besse had to remove and decon the majority of their mirror insulation. We set up a ultra sonic unit in their train bay and went to work. Some work required respiratory - some did not. Tech coverage at all times while the men are working - more of a contamination problem if not monitored properly. The only problem that I am aware of - one tech wasn't aware the hepa had shut down - contamination leaked out behind the work area and migrated around the area and into the train bay area. I think it took a day to recover from that mess. Dose rates / contamination levels dropped significantly. I have PM'd some phone numbers - you can call to discuss with the techs / supervisors involved with this.


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