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Mirror Insulation Decon & Refurb

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Now we're talking! I'll give you a call today for details. Thanks!

Anybody doing this type of refurbishment today?

We just let it fall one year at Yankee Rowe...literally..right off the genny and onto the deck! Wiped it off and put it back on...most of it anyway.

I was at Millstone Unit 2, when we dealt with alot of Mirror Insulation decon. We used a steam Ginny in a tent in the basement over the sumps grates..with plastics and resp prot. seemed to clean up fine soon as it dried ..the inner baffles released contamination  as we had crews snapping it back into place...unfortunately it was too late in the outage to fabricate or even order new insulation..i think George Young was in charge of the decon effort and  Al Johnson ctmt not sure who was in charge of Rp then ( its been awhile) but Al Johnson would be your best bet i think.

Peace !

My question isn't about deconning the Mirror insulation so much as to if there have been a number of issues with the buckle style clasps popping off while the insulation is being installed


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