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New Timed Decay Calculator


A new timed decay calculator was added to Rad Pro Calculator. This is useful for calculating the date that a drum of short lived waste reaches non-radioactive status, when sources reach exempt activity levels and when activated concrete is less than soil release limits, as well as other timed calculations. Most other calculators of this type only give you the number of days, years, etc. it takes for the isotope to reach the desired level. This new Rad Pro Calculator also gives you the calendar date that it reaches that activity so that you may mark you personal calendar.


The timed decay calculator was added to the desktop version and the online version.  It was not added to the PDA version due to space limitations.


To download the new version 3.10, visit


The online version is at

I know that this is not as useful at nuclear power plants as it is at universities and hospitals, but it may be good for breakroom trivia questions like, how many years will it take for natural U-238 in the soil to decay to a small number like 0.0001 pCi/g?  It won't give you the calendar date for that because Microsoft technology runs out at 12/31/9999, but it will give you how many years.

Wow.  You never cease to impress.

thats darned impressive ! thanks for the rad pro tool ! I love to learn new things every day !


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