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Technician Occupations Selection System (TECH): Used to help select employees for technician jobs that typically require a college degree. Examples of jobs covered by TECH are laboratory, environmental or chemistry technician; distribution planning technician; communications or telecommunications technician; drafter; and estimator.

Technician Occupations Selection System (TECH)

TECH is a battery of aptitude tests designed and validated to aid in the selection of candidates for electric utility industry technical occupations for which an associate degree is normally required. The generic job titles covered by the validation study are:

•    Chemistry/Laboratory/Environmental Technician
•    Communication/Telecommunication Technician
•    Design/Engineering Technician
•    Distribution/Planning Technician/Estimator
•    Drafter
•    Health Physics/Radiation Control Technician
•    Quality Assurance Technician
•    Testing/Relay Technician

HR Strategies (formerly Personnel Designs, Incorporated) conducted the research study. This large scale effort involved the cooperation of 23 investor-owned electric utility companies from all geographic regions of the United States and reflected a wide range of company sizes to ensure that the results of the study would apply to the broad range of technician positions and company environments.

The contractor conducted a detailed job analysis to gain information regarding the key activities and skill requirements of technician jobs and to identify selection procedures that would effectively measure the skills and abilities important to successful performance of these jobs.

The study also included the development of job performance measures to obtain supervisor ratings of job incumbents and to use in developing the experimental battery. The experimental battery was administered to over 2,100 technician job incumbents, followed by execution of a validation study to identify a professionally sound and practically useful selection system.

The final product consisted of two versions of the Tech battery containing four paper-and-pencil tests, with an administration time of approximately two hours.

A description of the four aptitude tests comprising the Tech battery is provided below:

Graphic Problem Solving. This test measures the ability to use numerical information presented in illustrations to solve practical arithmetic problems.

Interpreting Diagrams. This test measures the ability to use symbols and codes to locate objects on a map or diagram and to determine the object's status.

Mechanical Concepts. This test measures the ability to understand mechanical principles. There are 44 multiple-choice items. Each item contains a pictorial description of a mechanical situation, a question, and three possible answers. This test has a 20-minute time limit.

Reasoning from Rules. This test measures the ability to read and apply rules to make decisions and to troubleshoot a logic network.

Scoring and Interpretation: The TECH battery may be machine- or hand-scored. Scores on each test in the battery are combined to obtain an Overall Score, which predicts the candidate's likelihood of success in job performance.

Federal regulations mandate that employment tests must be job-related. EEI’s employment test batteries are designed and validated for specific energy industry job families, including power plant operators, maintenance and craft positions, power dispatching positions, customer service representatives, and more.

EEI does not administer any of its employment tests directly to applicants. If you are interested in a position with an electric utility, please contact the utility directly for job and pre-employment testing information.

If you have previously taken an EEI employment test and are looking for your results, please understand that EEI does not provide results directly to applicants. If you have applied for a position with a utility company that requires an EEI test that you have already taken elsewhere, please be sure to notify the company to which you are applying.

Good study guides:

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Arco Mechanical Aptitude and Spatial Relations Tests, Fifth Edition
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You can find EEI Practice Tests for CAST, POSS/MASS, SASS, TECH, SO/PD here.
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Duke applicants may retest every 90 days.
Southern Company applicants may retest every 45 days.
Entergy applicants may retest every 30 days, but not more than twice in 12 months.

retired nuke:

--- Quote from: roxy on Jul 07, 2008, 01:30 ---Has anyone taken the EEI tech test?  How similar is it to the EEI practice test?  How is the test graded and do you know what the passing grade is?  I get nervous when things are timed.  Is the test set up where you can't answer all the questions in a given time frame? Are there any other practice test out there besides the one you see on most of the websites?

--- End quote ---

Hi, welcome to Nukeworker. Take a deep breath. Take the title of your question, and paste it into the search function at the top of the home page. There is a wealth of information here. Read through it. After looking it over, feel free to post specific questions. The shotgun method generally draws return fire.....
Peace  ;)

Hi I am currently applying for a chem tech position at fitzpatrick. I have to take the eei tech test I recently went over the study guide and had problem with graphic problem solving section. How similar is this to the real test and what is else is there to help me study.
I tried a search on this didn't come up with much. Anything will help
Thank you

Hello I have a upcoming tech test and had some questions. I just took the practice exam and did fine on everything except the graphic problem solving. Is this similar to the real thing and is there anything that can help me better prepare. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

heavymetal atom:
Welcome to nukeworker.

Doors has a good post in this thread about the TECH exam:

If you're looking for anything much more specific than that I doubt you will find it.  Search around though and see what else you can dig up about preparing for it as there are several other threads which discuss it.  Best of luck.



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