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Glowing Green:
what is it that you nee help with? Is this your first time taking it?

No this isn't my first time taking the test. The sections that I am having issues with are: Graphic Problem Solving and Mechanical Concepts.

I took this test and failed. I felt like I was doing alright until I hit the reasoning from rules part, then my brain just locked up. I find myself skimming over the passage a ton and second guessing myself, is there anything to do to improve or do you just accept you can't do it?  I did struggle a couple times on three graphic test as well but I think I managed it, they don't tell you anything so it's hard to say.

I haven't been able to find out if a calculator is allowed on the EEI Tech Test? Would anyone verify that?

I took the EEI TECH exam yesterday a few reflections.

A calculator is permitted.  I think it depends on the site you go to because my site gave me a 10 function calculator to use and some sites have the tester use the calculator on screen, either way one is permitted.

I felt like the graphic problem solving, mechanical concepts, and reasoning from rules were all very easy.  The hardest section for me was interpreting diagrams.  I couldn't finish all the questions. 

Anyway my one take away is to practice the practice tests and learn tricks to help yourself to be able to do those problems as efficiently as possible.


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