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Online OSHA Training @ NukeWorker
« on: Sep 04, 2008, 01:12 »
Now is a great time to catch up on your 8 hr HAZWOPER refresher, and other training needs. NukeWorker offers Hazwoper, and many other OSHA training classes.  You can get more details by clicking on the 'Training' tab at the top of any page on the NukeWorker site, follow this link:

A partial list of available training is below:


HAZWOPER 40 Hour Course40$475.00
HAZWOPER 8 Hour Annual Refresher Course8$95.00
HAZWOPER 24 Hour Course24$250.00
Industrial Emergency Response: Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations – Level II8$150.00
Industrial Emergency Response: Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations - Level I8$150.00

OSHA Safety Training

OSHA - 30 Hour Construction Industry Safety Training Program30$295.00
OSHA - 10 Hour Construction Industry Safety Training Program10$139.00
OSHA - 10 Hour General Industry Safety Training Program10$139.00
OSHA - 10 Hour Construction Industry Safety Training Program - Spanish10$139.00

OSHA - General Industry

NFPA 70E4$49.00
Introduction to OSHA and the OSH Act1$20.00
Means of Egress and Fire Protection1$20.00
Electrical Safety for General Industry1$20.00
Hazardous Materials1$20.00
Industrial Hygiene1$20.00
Hazard Communication1$20.00
Personal Protective Equipment for General Industry1$20.00
Machinery and Machine Guarding1$20.00
Confined Spaces for General Industry1$20.00
Welding, Cutting and Brazing for General Industry1$20.00
Safety and Health Programs1$20.00
Workplace Violence1$20.00
Lockout/Tag out1$20.00
Safety Orientation1$20.00
Walking and Working Surfaces1$20.00
Materials Handling and Storage for General Industry1$20.00
Blood borne Pathogens1$20.00
Ergonomics for Office Workers1$20.00
Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace1$20.00
Lead Safety in the Workplace1$20.00
Hazards of Asbestos in the Workplace1$20.00
Professional Response to Trauma1$20.00
Building Security1$20.00
Ergonomics for Non-Office Workers1$20.00
Personal Response to Trauma1$20.00
Beryllium and Cadmium Hazards in the Workplace1$20.00
Use of Explosives in the Workplace1$20.00
Lead Safety in the Workplace1$20.00
Ionizing and Non-ionizing Radiation Safety1$20.00
Hazards of Asbestos in the Workplace1$20.00

OSHA - Construction

OSHA-10 Hour Construction Industry Safety Training Program10$139.00
Advanced: Hand and Power Tools2$18.00
Advanced: Cranes, Derricks, and Hoists2$18.00
Advanced: Personal Protective Equipment for Construction2$18.00
Advanced: Materials Handling for Construction2$18.00
Advanced: Materials Handling for Construction2$18.00
Advanced: Electrical Standards for Construction2$18.00
Advanced: Scaffolding2$18.00
Advanced: Fall Protection2$18.00
Advanced: Stairways & Ladders2$18.00
Advanced: General Safety and Health for Construction2$18.00
Advanced: Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals2$18.00
Advanced: Motor Vehicles2$18.00
Advanced: Concrete and Masonry for Construction2$18.00
Advanced: Demolition2$18.00
Advanced: Fire Protection for Construction2$18.00
Advanced: General Safety and Health for Construction2$18.00
Advanced: Excavations2$18.00
Advanced: Powered Industrial Trucks (Forklift Safety)2$18.00
Advanced: Hazardous Materials2$18.00
Advanced: Steel Erection2$18.00
Advanced: Welding, Cutting, and Brazing2$18.00
Advanced: Confined Spaces in Construction2$18.00
Basic: Confined Spaces in Construction1$13.00
Basic: Hand and Power Tools1$13.00
Basic: Materials Handling for Construction1$13.00
Basic: Stairways and Ladders1$13.00
Basic: Personal Protective Equipment for Construction1$13.00
Basic: Fire Protection for Construction1$13.00
Basic: Scaffolding1$13.00
Basic: Excavations1$13.00
Basic: Concrete and Masonry for Construction1$13.00
Basic: General Safety and Health for Construction1$13.00
Basic: Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals1$13.00
OSHA 1926 STD 3-1.1 (2004)1$13.00
Basic: Cranes, Derricks, and Hoists1$13.00
Basic: Fall Protection1$13.00
Basic: Welding and Cutting for Construction1$13.00
Basic: Motor Vehicles1$13.00
Basic: Occupational Health and Environmental Controls1$13.00
Basic: Recordkeeping1$13.00
Basic: Electrical Standards for Construction1$13.00

Power Distribution

DST 01: AC Voltage Generation2$19.95
DST 02: Power Factor2$19.95
DST 03: Impedance and Voltage Drop2$19.95
DST 04: Three Phase Power Systems2$19.95
DST 05: Distribution Networks System Layout 22$19.95
DST 06: Distribution Networks Overhead Lines2$19.95
DST 07: Underground Distribution Systems2$19.95
DST 08: Substations2$19.95
DST 09: Distributed Generation2$19.95
DST 10: Substation Transformers2$19.95
DST 11: Distribution Transformers2$19.95
DST 12: Fault Interrupting Devices2$19.95
DST 13: Non Fault Interrupting Devices2$19.95
DST 14: Voltage Control Devices2$19.95
DST 15: Fundamentals of Protection2$19.95
DST 16: Overcurrent Protection2$19.95
DST 17: Coordination of Protection Devices2$19.95
DST 18: Overvoltage Protection2$19.95
DST 19: Communication Techniques2$19.95
DST 20: SCADA Control2$19.95
DST 21: Utility Rate Structure2$19.95
DST 22: The Effects of Deregulation and Competition2$19.95
DST 23: Power Quality2$19.95
DST 24: Function of the Operator2$19.95
DST 25: Abnormal Operating Conditions2$19.95
DST 26: Distribution System Protection - Differential Protection2$19.95
DST 28: Programmable Logic Controllers 2$19.95
DST 28: Personnel Safety2$19.95
DST 29: Insulation Testing2$19.95
DST 30: Rotating Equipment Maintenance2$19.95
DST 31: Transformer Maintenance2$19.95
DST 32: Switchgear Maintenance2$19.95
DST 33: Maintenance Management2$19.95
DST 34: Demand Management2$19.95
DST 35: Metering2$19.95
DST 36: Service Interruptions2$19.95
DST 37: Distribution Automation2$19.95

Power Generation

HEP 08:Hydro Plant Auxiliaries4$39.95
HEP 09:Operating Electrical Equipment4$39.95
HEP 10:Hydro Plant Operation and Maintenance4$39.95
GTP 01: Major Components: Design & Construction4$39.95
GTP 02: Gas Turbine Support Systems4$39.95
GTP 03: Gas Turbine Control and Protection Systems4$39.95
GTP 04: Aero-Derivative Gas Turbines4$39.95
GTP 05: Routine Maintenance4$39.95
GTP 06: Major Maintenance4$39.95
GTP 07: Combined Cycle Operation4$39.95
GTP 08: The HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator)4$39.95
GTP 09: The Generator and Electrical Systems4$39.95
HEP 01:The Hydro-Electric Role in the Power System4$39.90
HEP 02:Hydro Power Stations4$39.90
HEP 03:Water Management4$39.90
HEP 04:Hydro Turbines4$39.90
HEP 05:Turbine Monitoring & Control4$39.90
HEP 06:The Hydro Generator4$39.90
HEP 07:Generator Monitoring and Control4$39.90

Power Transmission

TSO 01: Review of Fundamentals4$39.95
TSO 02: Power Transmission4$39.95
TSO 03: System Voltage Control4$39.95
TSO 04: System Frequency and Tie-Line Control4$39.95
TSO 05: Power Dispatching4$39.95
TSO 06: System Security4$39.95
TSO 07: Operating Under Abnormal Conditions4$39.95
TSO 08: System Restoration4$39.95
TSO 09: Monitoring and Control Communications4$39.95
TSO 10: Transmission System Protection4$39.95
TSO 11: The Effect of Deregulation on Operations4$39.95
TSO 12: Power Dispatch Under Deregulation4$39.95
TSO 13: Transmission Control4$39.95
TSO 14: Interconnection Operation - NERC/NAERO Policies4$39.95
SPT 01: Elements of System Protection4$39.95
SPT 02: Types of Protective Relays4$39.95
SPT 03: Monitoring System Conditions4$39.95
SPT 04: Characteristics4$39.95
SPT 05: Generator Protection4$39.95
SPT 06: Transformer Protection4$39.95
SPT 07: Bus Protection4$39.95
SPT 08: Motor Protection4$39.95
SPT 09: Line Protection4$39.95
STP 10: Pilot Protection4$39.95
STP 11: Protection for System Stability4$39.95
STP 12: Testing and Commissioning of Protective Schemes4$39.95
STP 14:Fault Investigation and Analysis4$39.95
STP 15: Introduction to Static Relaying4$39.95
STP 16:Coordination of Protection Devices4$39.95
STP 17: Power Supply for Protection & Control Systems4$39.95
STP 18:Energy Centre Operations4$39.95
STP 21:Supervisory Control System (SCADA)4$39.95
STP 23:Fault Calculations and Relay Settings4$39.95
STP 24:Testing Techniques4$39.95
STP 25:Programmable Logic Controllers4$39.95


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