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A word of caution about the EastPointe Apartments.  Recently, myself and others have had portions of our $400 deposits seized for no apparent reason after we vacated the apartments.    >:( They claimed that minor damage had occurred when there was none and charged an excessive cleaning charge when the apartment was left clean.  I was particularly surprised by this since I have stayed there before with no problems.  BEWARE!!!!

Since Nine Mile Plant is just next door, check out the lodging section there too. Wine Creek Apts is where The Llama & I stayed during our 2 times at 9-Mile. Several restaurants, laundrymats, a Walmart and other stores nearby. Less than 10 miles to the plants. Call and reserve a place very early and tell them you are with (company) and doing an outage at the plant.

Duke Nuker:
Great lodging 20 minutes from plant in Pulaski NY. The 1880 House is a large victorian Inn "YOUR HOME AWAY FROM HOME." Large bedrooms, most with private bath, cable TV in all rooms, free use of laundry, use of kitchen, telephone. Check out our website at www.1880house.com, and take the photo tour.  The rates are $100 per person, per week, with weekely maid service, with a minimum of 2 people per room. Phone us at 315-298-6088 for reservations. Rooms are NOT available September, October and November.

I reposted this information as the original poster was a guest with no valid e-mail address.  (DN)


It depends on what you are looking for. If you want to be in town there are name brand motels on the main drag in Oswego.
If you want closer to the plant, then there are a few on Hwy 1 (I believe) heading towards Scriba, NY.

These are single store older motels that have been mostly renovated.
The Polynesian Motel = newer small hotel behind a country store
The Black Walnut Motel and trailer Park = all non-smoking rooms and also mobile homes for rent on a weekly basis. (I stayed here)
The Evergreen = closest to Scriba.

These motels/mobile homes are all $300/wk or less and @ 7 miles from the plant.

There is also a campground near the plant that has nice cabins for rent for @ $400/wk. I believe it is called the K & G campground. (It has a website) It is around 4 miles from the plant.

I believe all of the motels listed above can be found on Yahoo Yellow Pages. Didn't hear of anyone having any problems other than the internet being spotty at some of the older motels.

Hope this help you.

Already Gone:
My last couple of times I stayed at Stick's in New Haven.  It's a motel with a hole-in-the -wall bar that caters to fishermen and snowmibilers.  The rooms are clean, economical, comfortable enough, and came with (wired) high speed internet at no additional charge.  It is East of the plant, and a little far from civilization, but it isn't far from the job.
The only gripe I had was that the old TV's had rotary dials and couldn't pick up all the good cable channels.  My remedy was to hook up a cheap VCR with a remote control and used it as my tuner.  ESPN, and Discovery Channel Withdrawal was averted for about $35.
No fridge, but in January your windowsill is a fridge up here, and ice is always free (it comes in powdered form and lots of it).

Ask for Mike or Bobbie

The bar/restaurant has a decent Rueben sandwich and the usual wings and stuff.


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