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Camella Black:
Any Lodging or Area Info please post it here.

Already Gone:
The Book Barn just west of Niantic (toward East Lyme), and the Book Barn Annex downtown Niantic.  Of course, you have to visit Mystic, Stonington Borough, The Bank Street Cafe in downtown New London, Billy Willson's Ageing Still in Norwich, and the Old Lyme Tavern.

there is a place in down town Niantic called "Saeds" (SP?) and they have by far the BEST !! Fresh sliced lamb and beef off the roaster gyros and greek food . I loved it there cause they also had the best olives and they had 26 different olive oils there to choose from . Also they had a number of fresh spices to choose from and there prices were fantastic.

In Mystic there is the Captain Daniel Packard Inne... by far the best food and service I have had to date.  The prices are a bit steep, but well worth it.  Get there early and go downstairs to the bar.

Already Gone:
The Packer was full of snobby yuppie wannabes when I lived there.
I recommend the Skipper's Dock in Stonington.


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