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New picture software.


We have some new picture software.  Check it out:

Nuclear NASCAR:

--- Quote from: Rennhack on Feb 14, 2004, 10:45 ---We have some new picture software.  Check it out:

--- End quote ---

Sweet Mike!! 


--- Quote from: Nuclear NASCAR on Feb 14, 2004, 10:44 ---Sweet Mike!! 

--- End quote ---

You know I like details... is there anything specific you like about the new software??

Nuclear NASCAR:
It looks to me like the pictures load faster, including the thumbnails.  I like the layout & it looks like it'll be even easier to upload pictures.  It also looks like you've added some pictures.  Being a visual learner I like pictures. 

I like the stats:

Total Picture Views: 1,114

And YEAH, it is a LOT faster.

And more powerful.  In the near future, donors will be able to have their own picture albums...

The pictures have rankings, and coments... it's just tons better.


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