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The former Fernald site now called the Fernald Preserve opened to the public today. Those of you who are familiar with the site know the old 94k warehouse, it was converted into a visitor center/museum that will be open wed.-sat. 9-5 and the site itself and the walking trails will be open 7days a week 7am-dusk. contact me if you have any questions.

Camella Black:
Here's a link that tells you more-


and another-

hey jcouch you still milking the system there? Andy was looking for you he had a job he wanted you to do

yeah im still here, they'll have to drag me outa here. you wouldn't believe this place now, it's a trip.

hey jcouch, are you still playing operator/rad tech/museum greeter. Send some pics out, Are you on the fernald network directory?


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