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Construction and Skilled Trades (CAST): Used to help select employees for a wide variety of construction and skilled trade occupations. CAST is used for jobs in three general areas: transmission and distribution; facilities and equipment; and meter reader service and repair.

Construction and Skilled Trades Selection System (CAST)

CAST is a battery of aptitude tests designed and validated to aid in the selection of candidates across a wide variety of construction and skilled trades occupations. CAST is the culmination of a large-scale consortium project sponsored by the Edison Electric Institute and carried out by Personnel Designs, Incorporated. A total of 34 investor-owned electric utility companies participated in the project; research information was obtained and analyzed from thousands of employees and supervisors. This research resulted in a comprehensive battery of paper-and-pencil tests which can predict candidates' probability of success in the following categories of construction and skilled trade jobs:

1.    Transmission and Distribution
2.    Facilities and Repair
3.    Other Facilities (e.g., Carpenter)
4.    Electrical Repair
5.    Machining and Vehicle Repair
6.    Meter Service and Repair

CAST can be administered in approximately two hours. The tests comprising the CAST battery include Graphic Arithmetic, Mechanical Concepts, Reading for Comprehension, and Mathematical Usage. Two alternate forms of the CAST battery are available.

A description of the four aptitude tests comprising the CAST battery is provided below:

Graphic Arithmetic. This test measures a candidate's ability to solve arithmetic problems by using information from prints or drawings. The test contains two drawings, each followed by several questions. The test has 16 questions and a 30-minute time limit.

Mechanical Concepts. This test measures the ability to understand mechanical principles. There are 44 multiple-choice items. Each item contains a pictorial description of a mechanical situation, a question, and three possible answers. This test has a 20-minute time limit.

Reading for Comprehension. This test measures a candidate's ability to read and understand written materials. The test consists of four reading passages, each followed by several multiple-choice questions about the passage. There are 32 items and a 30-minute time limit on this test.

Mathematical Usage. This test measures a candidate's ability at working basic mathematical problems from information provided at the beginning of the test. It consists of 18 multiple-choice items and has a 7-minute time limit.

Scoring and Interpretation
Both machine and hand scoring methods are available for CAST. The four aptitude test scores are combined to form a single Index Score, ranging from 1 to 10. Candidates' index scores are then translated into expected probabilities of successful job performance.

A candidate's standing on this overall index score should be interpreted as a measure of ability to learn and perform the job. Candidates with high index scores should be expected to understand mathematical relationships, perceive details quickly and accurately, and possess effective reasoning skills.

CAST has been designed with maximum administrative ease and flexibility in mind. Cutoff scores on the CAST battery can be tailored to local company employment needs

Federal regulations mandate that employment tests must be job-related. EEI’s employment test batteries are designed and validated for specific energy industry job families, including power plant operators, maintenance and craft positions, power dispatching positions, customer service representatives, and more.

EEI does not administer any of its employment tests directly to applicants. If you are interested in a position with an electric utility, please contact the utility directly for job and pre-employment testing information.

If you have previously taken an EEI employment test and are looking for your results, please understand that EEI does not provide results directly to applicants. If you have applied for a position with a utility company that requires an EEI test that you have already taken elsewhere, please be sure to notify the company to which you are applying.

Good study guides:

Master The Mechanical Aptitude and Spatial Relations Test

ARCO Mechanical Aptitude and Spatial Relations Tests

Arco Mechanical Aptitude and Spatial Relations Tests, Fifth Edition

Barron's Mechanical Aptitude and Spatial Relations Test

You can find EEI Practice Tests for CAST, POSS/MASS, SASS, TECH, SO/PD here.
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Duke applicants may retest every 90 days.
Southern Company may retest every 45 days.

Hello I have to take the same test soon, is the test similar to the practice test on the internet that progres energy offers? I also just ordered a study book for the test and I will let you know how it is.

My guess is that it is similiar to the POSS/MASS test battery.
You aren't supposed to finish some of the sections. It is supposed to rile you.
I have taken and passed the POSS/MASS battery twice for different companies.
I have also taken and passed the SO/PD for two different comanies which is quite a bit different test than the POSS/MASS test.
I hope you passed.

These tests are supposed to be pass it once for one employer and it is good for all, but I have found that usually the second company doesn't want to push for the results from the first test.

Hello All

I have recently submitted a resume' to National Grid in Mass. for a lineman's posittion, the requirements are to take and pass the CAST, i saw in this thread that there are books available for study, where can i get one?


James Cast:
 I need Help on this TEST.....I have it 1 week from today.....This makes my second time taking it.....I bought the Passbook (CAST) by National Learning Company....but what a waste of money...Does anybody know what I can Pass this freaking test.....I'll pay money to make it happen...any suggestions     Oh Yeah that Book...Did nothing for me on the Test....... :-X  PS....Thanks for the help.


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