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Looks like hurricane Ike is lined up to take a direct hit to South Texas Project..im thinking it will make landfall right around matagorda bay


mandantory evacuations are underway in angleton and palacios..bay city is today i believe..

im glad my report date got pushed back to the 22nd

For all the techs headed that way already..do not drive through low water crossings..im from texas and im telling you ..the flash flood situation is going to be treacherous..Be careful out there ya'll



--- Quote from: nuke_girl on Sep 11, 2008, 05:11 ---For all the techs headed that way already..do not drive through low water crossings..im from texas and im telling you ..the flash flood situation is going to be treacherous..
--- End quote ---

I wouldn't suggest driving at night while it is pouring / raining............... never know where the flash flood areas are at until your car is in it......it looks like concrete from a distance........ just a thought.... I learned that from the Tulsa Oklahoma flood in the 80's...


--- Quote from: Marvin on Sep 11, 2008, 05:51 ---Watch for snakes, alligators and other critters on the roadways -- they'll seek higher ground -- course if you live down there you know this one already.

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Lets not forget the floating rafts of fire ants. Discovered this lovely phenomenon last year with the flooding we had in N. Central Texas. Look closely at the water if you are going to try to wade through it. Nothing gets your full attention faster than bumping into a flotilla of these monsters! DO NOT DRIVE ACROSS FLOODED ROADWAYS DOWN HERE!! We had a woman killed within a few miles from our house because she attempted to cross a bridge that had water flowing over the top. It was less than a foot deep and she was in a full size SUV, swept her right off.

thanks for updating us on IKE nuke_girl we just had IKE leave us in FLORIDA and we were spared..... lots of rain and wind for days as it passed thur and thankful it didn't have a direct hit  here.. we are so  use to the putting up shutters taking them down and evacuating  and for work becoming storm riders in  the event of??  we  hope that all in South Texas and surrounding areas,LA,MS do everything they can to evacuate the area and make all precautions they can now to keep them safe  This  hurricane is a big one and it is almost as wide as the entire state of Texas.Please be safe out there and   pray for them as they go thru this storm....it looks like late tomorrow night for landfall????


Looks like landfall is projected in the early morning hours of Sat.  STP is going into outage right now and many techs i know have a report date of Mon. the 15th. Mine is the 22nd.
Im nervous about all the house techs there as that i consider them colleagues and peers as well as friends..also my fellow road techs that i hope to see soon.. If you are headed to STP..many of the hotels and campgrounds are evacuated..id call to make sure you have a place to arrive TO..and id load my car down with cases of fresh bottled water and supplies.

Di im glad to hear you are ok in Florida..Matagorda county is predicting an 18 foot storm surge and 20 to 25 foot waves on top of that. stay dry girl ! lol



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