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Beta Calculation Method Selected for RPC


There was a known difference between numbers produced with the fluence-rate method of beta exposure calculation and the extrapolation table method on Rad Pro Calculator. Not having enough information to decide which was more accurate, we gave the user both methods and let them decide, until further information from in field measurements or other source became available. We were recently contacted by a noted US Health Physicist who asked about the difference. After providing him with all of the information for both methods, he informed us that there was a flaw in the fluence-rate method, even though it came from a well respected textbook. That was all of the information that we needed to know that the extrapolation table is the more accurate method. In this revision of RPC, the fluence-rate method option was deleted. 

Although, all you have to do on previous versions is select the extrapolation table option, we recommend upgrading to this version so that you do not mistakenly use the default fluence-rate method in future calculations.  This update was applied to both 32 bit and 64 bit desktop versions, as well as the online version.

It is still free!  Download the new versions here, including the recently released 64 bit version:

Online version is here:

If you wish to know more about this, contact me:


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