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I earned a degree in Nuclear Engineering from Texas A&M University in 2004.  I took a job as an AO in 2005.  I became a fully qualified NLO and I am now in a RO class.  I would recommend going the AO route every time.  Getting a license will be a big plus for you in your future career. 

Don’t worry about “leaving” the engineering life behind.  You will never enter a plant and know how to do the job that you were hired for.  You will go through a qualification process before you ever matter.  You can always jump over to engineering at a later date from Operations.  Your degree will always be something you earned. 


--- Quote from: dinutt on Oct 05, 2008, 09:56 ---...Did they really offer you a "engineering aide position" excuse me for being ignorant but what the heck is that ?? a gofer?...
--- End quote ---

Good guess. My first position in the nuclear field was "Engineering Aide" and I had no degree or experience. I did learn a lot but I also did a lot of gofer stuff... not too bad for barely 20 years old, but not what I recommend for anyone that already has a degree and other options.


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