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Has anyone received a Q clearance in the past 6 months??? If so, how long did the whole process take you?

I received mine 10 months ago.  It took 11 months.

I received mine early this year. I had my "L", upgraded to a "Q". It took 10 weeks to get my "L", then as additional 6 weeks to get my "Q". It really depends on the individual (places of recidency, travel from outside the US, number of places of employment, credit history, etc.)

volfireman07- do you know when your investigation ended and the adjudication began month-wise? my investigation was finished in 4 months or so and i have been in adjudication for around 4 as well so i am trying to get an idea of how much longer.

I received my letter about 4 months after my interviews were complete.  One of my friends made a comment about foreign national contact (through church) during the interviews that had to be clarified. 

Based on my experience, you should get your notification any day.


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